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  • Video Blog
    6 May 201510:07:40 pm by sergio ruiz
    This is the file that we are including..
  • new post
    5 May 20159:07:16 pm by sergio ruiz
    this is a new post
  • Outsource Proof Business Idea #2 - Diaper Service
    4 April 201112:11:57 pm by Sergio T. Ruiz
    Diaper Service I have had so many converstations about this, I thought I should probably write it up. Not as much for everyone elese, but to make sure it really did sound like a good idea, and not...
  • Outsource Proof Business Idea #1 - Salon Deliveries
    28 March 201111:32 am by Sergio T. Ruiz
    The Problem This is a business I have been thinking about for years. While this may not be applicable to all cities, it certainly is applicable for our area. I am sure there are thousands of areas l...
  • Globalization Proof Small Business Ideas
    28 March 201110:42:54 am by Sergio T. Ruiz
    Some Background I tend to work in the field of "All things technical." The upside is that when I work on a project, its fruits are immediately visible to the entire world. This also has a great deal...
  • Help us by Rating our Podcast
    7 February 201110:34:17 am by Sergio T. Ruiz
    We really hope that you've gained something from listening to our podcast. Whether it be personal, professional, or technical, we put a great deal of time and energy into our podcast in the hopes that...
  • Should Your Business use Targeted Advertising?
    1 February 201110:00:45 am by Sergio T. Ruiz
    Some Background Another call I get about once a week: can you help us get set up with Google AdWords? Wait! It Google AdWords costs money? Hmm.. Should we do it? I get this call more than you'd thi...
  • Why You Should Learn a Markdown Language
    26 January 20112:50:24 pm by Sergio T. Ruiz
    Some Background I get this call often: I was editing my site, and I messed it up! I can't see anything anymore! the site is broken! Looking at their site, I generally find that they have left a "...
  • 2011-01-23
    23 January 20111:11:02 pm by sergio ruiz
  • Fix Your Ugly Handwriting
    17 January 201112:03:24 pm by Sergio T. Ruiz
    The Backstory A few years ago, I was reading another one of the trendy productivity books at the time, and ran across the call to purchase a label printer to label my folders in my filing system. Di...